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5Kevents.org  is part of a $1.4 billion dollar industry and serves as a full-service race management & timing company. We are proud to be known as the industry’s first opportunity of its kind. Our clients enjoy an easy to start home based, low cost business. No experience is necessary as we offer a turn-key system, a complete training program, and all the technology hardware and software needed to run your business successfully. 


5Kevents is more than just a race timer; we’re our clients marketing partner of choice. Our customers count on us for a variety of services such as online registration, race resources, medals, volunteer management, sponsorship acquisition and much more.


With new technologies like RFID timing, LIVE results and GPS tracking, 5Kevents continues to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, redefining the runners experience and paving the way for steady growth and higher profits for our charities. 


The 5Kevents Race Director Certification program provides entrepreneurs with a formal education course to provide knowledge ​needed to start your own business managing events & providing event timing services.

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5Kevents Timing Package:


There are many advantages by purchasing your timing equipment from 5Kevents, and one of them is our highly recognized comprehensive training program. We make sure you get off to the right start with all the tools you need to succeed. 


and it gets better…

      • No franchise fees
      • No royalty fees
      • No ad fund fees
      • No quotas to maintain
      • No brick and motar needed
      • No business hours to maintain
      • LOW start up costs
      • LOW overhead
      • It’s your business… you own it outright.
      • Group purchasing power
      • Capitalize on our track record of success


Turnkey Investment


Our turnkey package not only gets your timing business launched, but also continues into the life of your business. From start to finish, we guide you through the transition of becoming an endurace race timer. This means the right training and assistance with your equipment purchase.


We’ll work with you on the process to get started, you’ll get acquainted with the industry’s most comprehensive race director platform and online registration solution. You’ll walk away with knowledge and tools to help you surpass your event goals!  Our package even includes virtual training and/or on-site assistance with your first event. Optionally, you may  join us at one of our event locations for additional training.  When attending one of our events, you are responsible for all your own costs such as a hotel room, breakfast, lunch, local transportation, and your airfare. (Only available to clients who purchase our equipment package).  Every step of the way, you’ll work with our experienced staff members who are there to assist in preparing the systems best suited for your new business.


5Kevents.org truly offers you a turnkey opportunity. ORDER YOUR Race Timing Systems – Chip & Traditional HERE

5K Initial Training & Support



It’s critical for new timers to enter into a brand that has proven systems and processes, as well as comprehensive training and ongoing support to make sure that you hit the ground running and stay running at full speed. 5Kevents proud to offer a turn-key package to get you launched smoothly and continue throughout the life of your business.


We believe that initial training is one of the key factors that determine how well our clients will perform once they’re on their own. That’s why 5Kevents offers a comprehensive training process to ensure that all of our new clients are well-educated on the systems and processes that go into running a successful event business..


Our training has a specialized structure:


  • We’ll set up your business website and social media sites (optional)
  • Optional on-the-job training during your first event, during which time a local operations advisor will ensure you’re off to a solid start.
  • Upon completion of our training program, you have absolutely no further obligation to 5Kevents.org.
  • This is your business, you own it independently from us. You will use your own tradename and will be recognized as a “5Kevents Certified Race Director”.
  • There is an OPTIONAL Technology fee  that is minimal and applies only to those who want us to create a custom website hosted on our servers for their businesses. A setup fee, annual domain name renewal fee and monthly hosting fee applies.
  • ORDER YOUR Race Timing Systems – Chip & Traditional HERE


RFID Race Timing package for 5K events