Use the “REMOTE CHECK-IN” tab above.


If you are not registered, simply register for a FREE account. Create your online profile, and then track your running progress all year long. All your results for all your events will be located under your profile.


If you are on a team, you can also track your entire teams progress.




To check-in just go to the page titled “REMOTE CHECK-IN” located in the upper right hand corner. Enter your data and you are good to go.


  • You can edit your own results as often as you want
  • You can track your results all year long.

To view results just click on the “REMOTE CHECK-IN RESULTS” tab. Also located in the upper right hand corner.


You can view by date range

View TEAM results

View INDIVIDUAL results


To see even more details – Go to your personal profile and see:

Number of events (Check-in) participated in

Average Distance

Total Distance

and more!